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Es ist eines der großartigsten Zombie-Clash-Spiele!
Die Menschheit ist in Gefahr und die Welt braucht dich dringend!

Die Zombies sind außer Kontrolle und noch konnte niemand sie aufhalten! Vielleicht werden Sie es sein, der die Welt und die Menschheit vor dieser Monsterkatastrophe rettet!

You'll need to strategize profitably and make smart decisions.

Build your city and do everything you can to defend the castle.

You are in the modern age and all the wars you will fight are completely modern!
Save the world from the attack of zombies!
Attack other cities and capture important resources!

Take part in clans' clashes in clash of zombies Wars!

Unique heroes are ready to help you save the world. In this mobile game, there are more than 60 heroes with different powers.

It's the end of the world! Participate in the elemental war and defeat zombies!

Clash of zombies features:
- Create a team and join other teams
- Chat with other players from around the world
- Different game modes including survival battles and pro wars
- Exciting events on all special occasions

This is your chance to prove yourself to the world. Save your species from extinction…

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